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Bills Introduced By: Senator Smith

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SB 248 Public Records/Audio or Video Recording Made by Law Enforcement Officers

SB 250 Child Care Facilities

SB 252 Insurance Countersignature Requirements

SB 262 Racing Animals

SB 770 Public records/Trade Secret Information in Annual Recycling Reports

SB 772 Law Enforcement Training

The program is designed to target students who would like to enter the field of law enforcement. The first trial will take place on the campus of Edward Waters. It will combine a bachelors in science and the degree of completion of the training program. In turn this will cut the cost as well as time it takes to become an officer while recruiting more minorities making their presence noticed.

SB 780 Special Assessment for Law Enforcement Services

Cities will be given the authority to fund the costs of providing law enforcement.

SB 822 Carrying a concealed Weapon or a concealed Firearm

This is a revision to the Stand Your Ground Act. It clarifies what justifiable force is and legislative intent. This will outline what is considered provoking and to what extent force should be used giving clear indication of who the aggressor is in the situation.

SB 1058 Canvassing of Absentee Ballots

SB 1156 STEM Loan Forgiveness Program

A student who meets the eligibility requirements can receive up to $16,000 to pay back their student loans (covering only tuition, books and living expenses). To be eligible the student must have graduated from an accredited four year university, with an educator certificate, teaching in one of the 4 areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for a minimum of 8 years.

SB 1352 Deferred Compensation

Committee Assignments

Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, Vice Chair


Banking and Insurance

Environmental Preservation and Conservation

Ethics and Elections

Joint Committee on Public Counsel Oversight, Alternating Chair

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